Live Classes Start November 15, 2021

Live Online Yoga Classes and Membership Subscriptions for  Rider Support. 
To address blind spots in your riding, horsemanship and wellness.

Move Better

Posture and biomechanics are foundational in safe and correct riding.  Learn basic anatomy, proper movement technique and what your body is capable in classes with me.

Feel Better

Studies (and my own personal and professional experience) show that practicing yoga can be effective for decreasing chronic pain and improving flexibility, mental health,  stress management, sleep and more.  My method are tried and true over the last 15+ years.

Ride Better

Progress through the Rider Training Scale for better riding at level, every step of the way

Online Group Classes:

A weekly 45 min online interactive yoga class  (on Zoom)

Mondays at 9am ET 

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Private Sessions:

Go deeper and work with me 1:1 with postural and breath assessments and technique to address you specific needs and goals in and out of the saddle.

Email me at to set up a consultation to see if I'm a good fit for you. 

Training Scale for Riders.png

How Can Yoga Help you Ride Better and Feel Better at any stage of the game?

Each week we'll dive head first into exercises to help you develop body awareness and progress along the Rider Training Scale.

We'll work together to help you develop:

  • Stability/Mobility (a balance of flexibility, stability, strength and relaxation) 

  • Relaxation (for a comfortable ride and calm mind)

  • Focus (Focus Rider=Focused Horse)

  • Symmetry (to decrease pain and improve your posture in order to correctly influence your horses posture and movement)

  • Connection (for clear communication) 

  • Flow (Stability + Ability Leads to a Flow State.  The culmination of your efforts. The pinnacle of achievement.)


Learn technique to help you find a stable following seat while freeing your upper body to stay quiet and responsive.  Stop over riding with your hands and start using stability to under pin your ability.


Lean to control your body parts independently and cue rider aides (including your brain) on and off as needed.  


A rider who is unfocused and stressed has no hope of focusing a horses mind or body.  Learn tools to build focus and sleep better.  Your horse will surely thank you!


Rider imbalance leads to horse imbalance.  Stop the cycle of imbalance and collect yourself in order to collect your horse.  Develop your symmetry for consistent contact, straighter lines, better turns and more.