Online Live Course


Discover how to communicate more clearly with your horse by improving your alignment, strength, flexibility and developing a focused calm mindset.  


If you’re like me you spare no expense when it comes to caring for your horse.  From supplements to chiropractic and massage, I do my best to keep my horses happy and healthy.  


What about taking care for you?  How much better would you perform if you were balanced, strong, supple and calm?? 

How clearly and effectively would you communicate to your horse?  


We spend hours in the saddle teaching our horse to be supple, stronger, balanced and calm.  If we aren't exemplifying those qualities, we can't expect 100% from our horse.


Riders, YOU deserve correct alignment in your body, fewer aches and pains, more strength, flexibility and focused calm mindset.


Throughout this course Kristen works with all levels of riders in a group format on the yoga mat to improve their time spent in saddle. 

Together during live sessions you will work with Kristen to improve your alignment, mobility (balance of strength and flexibility), energy levels, focus and concentration while building confidence and connection.   Then you will translate it all to improving your time spent in the saddle.  Work with Kristen to address physical, mental and emotional (fear, anxiety, stress etc.) so you can develop a calm positive attitude. 

Feel your best and be "present" in the saddle. 

No experience necessary.

Questions? Like to set up a private group Series for you and your students? Contact Kristen

 Upcoming Courses to be added. 

Check back soon for dates.

Learn about how body mechanics, breathing and muscle tone can positively or negatively influence your horse.

Practice strengthening exercises to target specific muscle groups.

Develop strength to ride with more ease and less pain.

Learn how to move with greater flexibility, to help you ride in harmony with your horse

Develop mental focus and clarity along your body's natural relaxation response


You receive:

-6 weekly hour long live online classes designed to address common areas of difficulty for riders.  Classes are conducted on Zoom.

-6 mini training lessons to review the skills taught in live classes

-Access to Kristen's Facebook group. Share successes, connect with other riders/yoga students, ask questions and learn about yoga can benefit equestrians.

This class is not suited for those looking for with specific injuries that need addressed.

Students must be able to get up and down from the floor. 

A yoga mat and folded blanket are required.

Also recommended are 2 yoga blocks and a tennis ball..