Weekly Online Class Schedule

On the calendar, click the day/class you'd like to sign up for.  Upon payment you will me emailed a receipt and link to join the class.


9:00-9:45am ET Yoga Cross Training for Equestrians


6:15-7:15pm ET Foundations (a good place to start)


9:00-10:00am ET Frameworks

Special Classes:

Restorative Yoga for Sweet Dreams

4th Sunday  7-8:15pm ET 

Gentle Yoga for Sweet Dreams

2nd Sunday 7-8pm ET

Yoga Nidra for Sweet Dreams

See Newsletter for special dates

Class Descriptions (listed below in order of least to most strenuous)


Sweet Dreams Classes:

Everything you want (relaxation, breathing techniques, support and tools for a good nights sleep) with nothing you don't want (no weight baring on hands an knees, not high impact)

        -Yoga Nidra

A guided relaxation technique where you lie on their back (for the majority of the class) and listen to Kristen as she guides you through varying stages of relaxation.   You may even feel  like you're Dreaming While Awake.

(Please have a pillow and blanket or two available)


You will be sitting and reclining in various supported positions for this class with a reclined relaxation at the conclusion.  Various hand positions (mudra) are used for physical, mental and emotional well being alongside guided meditation.   You may even feel some "Healing" in your Hands.

(Please have a pillow and blanket or two available)


This 1 hour and 15 minute class consists of roughly 4-6 supported postures help for anywhere from 5-20 minutes at a time.  Students will be guided in using blankets, yoga  blocks, straps/belts, sandbags/heating pads to support/hold their body comfortably for deep relaxation and gentle stretching.   

(Please have a minimum of 3 blankets, 2 yoga blocks, 2 pillows and a yoga bolster and/or dining (or folding) chair available.)


A movement class consisting of slow mostly flowing movements to bring you into a state of relaxation for a restful nights sleep.  

(Please have a pillow and blanket or two available)

Foundations (a good place to start)

Start here if you are a new student (with some athletic background) or new to me student.  You'll learn my foundational practices and techniques.


A class for those who are already familiar with my Foundations techniques and looking to up level their practice.