What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a Whole Person, (inside and out!) approach to wellbeing.

Through yoga therapy, I adapt a broad range of yoga principles, methods and techniques to your specific condition to create, stimulate and maintain an optimal state of overall health. 

I help my clients improve their athletic performance, support their mental health, manage chronic conditions, sleep and pain, transition home life after a hospital stay and continue to progress after physical or occupational therapy and more.

I work with my clients to improve their quality of life no matter where the their take off point is. 

It is my job to adapt to you no matter your ability and share skills to enable, empower and improve your form, function and wellbeing.   

See What Current Research is Saying:
How can Yoga Therapy support me?

It's  estimated that 75 – 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems.

Stress can play a part in headaches, ulcers, IBS, inflammation, constipation, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, anxiety, depression, neck and lower back pain and many other diagnosis and their prognosis.   

From your very first YT session you will learn tools to help you manage physical, mental and emotional stress and tension.  These tools address your whole self, mind, body and spirit.

I've spent the last 11 years working with individuals to help them move more easily, with less pain.  I love sharing the tools I have developed of balancing form and function to help you to move with more ease and less effort. 

You just might be surprised by how good you feel at the end of our session!

"Since I've been doing the somatic exercises that Kristen gave after I took private classes, I'm reacting much better. Not being able 

to get to the chiropractor since the pandemic, I feel her classes and exercises are really helping me to control my pain"