1:1 Rider Training 


Work one on one with me on the mat to find success in the saddle. I'll teach you the specific tools you need to progress with your riding goals.  You'll receive focused support for faster results and more quality time in the saddle following your passion.

Over the course of 8 sessions we will work together to improve your riding physically (posture, manage pain), mentally (develop focus/concentration and work with any fears you have) and emotionally (find way to manage your stress etc.).  Sessions are held online via Zoom.


I have experience with these common problems and more:

Poor posture? We will work to develop your posture on the mat for less pain in daily activities and better riding and communication. 

Difficulty riding without stirrups?  Work with me to strengthen the muscles that are weak and mobilize the muscles that grip.

Forward head carriage/sciatica/kyphosis/lordosis?  We will work to balance your musculature and find more ease in the saddle. 

Anxiety?  My experience working with mental health will help you feel confident and secure in and out of the saddle. 

Back Pain or other chronic pain? Coming back from an injury or PT?  Find therapeutic support to decrease your pain level and move better. 

Trouble with balance?  Find strength and stability in my technique which you will apply in the saddle for security, balance and confidence.     


You can expect to stop wasting your energy fighting against your horse and learn new ways of working in harmony.

Your Horse Will Thank You For It!

Any questions? Contact Kristen


This package is for highly motivated individuals ready to take their riding and horsemanship to the next level.  As a client in the program, be prepared to set aside time daily (about 10-20 mins) to work on your individual lesson program, and some weekly time for your "at the barn" homework. 


While participants should be cleared by their doctor for exercise, this program is open to all levels of riders and fitness levels.  

- Initial Clarity Call.  Discuss where you are right now in your training and where we can best focus our efforts.

- 2 Viewing Sessions.   I will watch you ride in person (or on video) to identify additional imbalances. 

Video is required for individuals located more than 60 miles outside Pittsburgh, Pa.  

- 8 Resiliency Sessions with Kristen on Zoom held over 8 consecutive weeks or over the course of 6 months.

-8 short (usually 10-20 minutes) pre-recorded individualized training plans for daily practice. 

-"At the Barn" homework, integrate what you have been practicing on the mat, in the saddle. 

- Live Support where you can check-in and ask Kristen questions via facebook, email or phone during the course of your 8 Resiliency Sessions.  

-Bonus Resources!

If you find this program is not for you, a partial refund is available prior to your fifth Resiliency Session. 

Cost: $1200